Tip 3 – The Good Vs Bad Habits Playing Golf

Playing golf is addictive in nature. It becomes an obsession to extent like me, you’ve based your job around it. The easier the path to playing another round the easier it is to satisfy my addiction to the sport.

Now, just because I am a certified Gold addict doesn’t mean I need to sign my self up into therapy, or join addict meets. This habit of mine is considered normal, or a passion if you will. Basically there is nothing wrong with it. I do on the other hand have habits that are not something to should loud about. The worst (up until recently) was my need to smoke. Obviously with more and more clubs banning smoking on the course, this made my life a misery. As a 20 a day smoker, and playing golf for a lot of that day, finding time to smoke was not easy. This is especially true if my round was particularly bad.

I decided since the 2016 was round the corner, it was a good time to quit and sure enough on 1st Jan 2016, i finished what I though was my last cigarette and endured a 3 day agony as the nicotine addiction slowly went away. 1 week later I was back on smokes admitting defeat.

Disgusted with myself, I decided to look into alternative forms of smoking, i.e. nicotine patches, sprays and even gum, however none of these would cure the main reason I went back to smoking. I needed something that mimicked smoking.

Having been fully aware of electronic cigarettes for quite some time, I decided to learn more about them. I found an article explaining what the best electronic cigarette 2016 was all about and decided to give it shot. Its been almost a month now, and I haven’t looked back. I must admit I feel fantastic. My chest feels better, my weave is going, and most importantly it has even improved my golf game.

The best though is yet to come. Electronic Cigs are not banned on the courses, and can be freely used anywhere on the course. I am so pleased with this technology. Not only have a stopped smoking, but can now vape to my hearts content! May 2016 bring you wealth and fortune and of course a lower handicap.

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