Tip 2 – My Personal Driver – The Best I’ve Used Yet

Pings G series has constantly remained amongst the most sought after and sold driver and irons since the G2 was launched in the year 2004. Apart from winning majors, Gs has previously been in the hands of the world’s leading player and also brought about game improving technology to millions of golfers across the world. interesting thing about it all is the fact that: after seven G families Ping has resorted to reverting to just G for the year 2016 and as expected, it seems to be one of the best looking gear that the company has produced in recent years.


Ping G Driver?

Lofts: 9deg and 10.5deg
Taking into consideration the fact that the rules on golf equipment are so tight, most people scoff at the claims which have been made by manufacturers regarding the benefits of the newly introduced technology. Ping however insists that they have broken every conceivable contributor to a drivers distance and the forgiveness potential (just so you know the list runs to 56 points) all in a bid to squeeze the slightest form of improvement from each so as to end with significant gains in the end. Question is, what’s with the new G?


Dragonfly Crown

As strange as it may sound, designers are most of the time inspired by nature. Ping CEO and current chair man john Solheim did just that when he made reference to the picture of a dragon fly. His image however was more detailed showing intricate wing structure of the insect. This prompted inquiry as to whether the vein pattern could strengthen a driver crown. It has since taken at least three years to develop the idea’s shaved 8g of weight from the crown which incredibly means areas of the crown are presently just the thickness of 3 pieces of paper.


Vortex Shredder

It is important to understand the fact that ping are an engineering company, what’s more, presently companies elite are convinced that due to the rules of aerodynamics on offer they are the most significant area for improved performance. Mostly inspired by the trailer tails on the back of cars and trucks VorTec technology helps reduce turbulent flow of air at the back of the head. Keep in mind, improving stability while at the same time cutting drag by up to 11% and as their boffins commonly say getting speed for absolutely free.

Turbulator Technology

Pings previous G30 driver goes down on record as the first to boast of turbulator technology. Ping rethought the New G, this is clearly evident from the fact that they improved their performance by significantly increasing and refining their positioning just to mention the least.



New counter balanced shaft

Counter balancing is at the moment widespread in putters at the moment, even with this, Ping are focused on bringing the concept to life in the form of a brand new Alta 55 high balance point shaft to form a part of its G family. So what can it do? First off, it is important to take note that the head is slightly heavier. This therefore means that you will swing at more or less the same speed only that the impact will be more mass hitting the ball prompting it to move further.


There’s also G SF-Tec and G LS-Tec

The G is not simply limited to a single head either. This is because there are an LS Tec head linked to it which serves to lower the spin by as much as 400rpm and the SF head which is characteristic of 12 yard of shot bend correction which helps straighten out any slice.

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