Tip 1 – How to Take a Slow Motion Golf Swing

slow motion golf swingHave you heard the name Tiger Woods? Of course, you did. Besides being the highest paid athletes in world for several years, he is the most successful golfer of all time. Now every amateur golfer must have dreamt of perfecting that signature “Tiger Woods Golf Swing” at least once. However, in order to achieve the perfect golf swing along with having fun playing the game, you must develop proper golf swing techniques. Although, having all of the proper techniques might not make you another Tiger Woods, but it will surely help you to be consistent with your own swings. After years of hard work and practice, Woods have achieved his own exceptional swings that suits his physique and playing style. Apart from that, each of us has our own aspects and many of us are definitely not athletically gifted like Tiger Woods. Now let’s concentrate on the various attributes of your golf swing techniques.

The most basic and common part is to hold your golf club appropriately. You should first lay the club handle on your palms and grip it with your thumbs facing down. Always remember that the both hands should touch each other. Now if you want to hit the ball for a maximum distance, choke up on the club and choke down for a minimum distance.

golf stance

The immediate next step to concentrate on is our golf stance. Just like any other sport, a balanced stance is a necessity for golf as well. While lining up for hitting the ball your feet should be kept in shoulder width apart and the rest of the body, to some extent, upright. Now there is a trick to check if stance is correct or not. Try to move your toes up and down while standing with your golf club. If your are leaning far to the forwards then you won’t be able to move your feet. Likewise, if you lean too far backwards, you must be able to move your both feet up and down. Therefore, you need to balance between these two positions for an optimal stance. You should have noticed in televisions, many pro golfers doing that before they drive off.

The next step is to watch your feet’s position. Put your golf club down so that it touches the front of your feet. Now determine the direction you want to hit the ball, straight, left or right, and point the club accordingly.


The final aspects are the hardest part. This is the part when you coordinate your whole body to the swing. Many people have seen to do everything perfectly and but once they make contact with the ball they stop following the swing all the way through. This is the most common mistake done even by experienced golfers. They just fail to coordinate their body. Once your stance and positioning are correct, you must be ready to hit the ball. A faster swing needs superior power and distance, but you need to be steady. Keeping your hands straight, pull back on your golf club, turn your hips and legs a bit, follow back through your downward swing turning your hips and legs back towards the ball and follow the swing all the way through. The whole thing should be done in one regular wave and you should not stop your swing even after hitting the ball.

This whole golf swing technique seems a bit tough while you visualize. But, it is easier to follow the steps with a slow motion golf swing video. These days, journalists are using latest technology cameras to capture the sports events. The latest camcorder’s built on “Smooth Slow Capture” feature allows them to capture one golf shot of a few seconds, to capture as a sequence of up to 22 still images that are capable of viewing/printing individually. This sequence shot technology is perfect to analyze any golf-shot. They capture every minute detailing of the shot. Therefore, acts as training aid for many amateur golfers. Sony FDR AX100 Handycam is one of those latest cameras that are capable of taking slow motion pictures of golf swing. These footages are eligible for post shot editing. The technicians just need to get the best monitor with a perfect resolution and refresh rate. While finding the best 27-inch monitor, the search might end at ASUS ROG Swift 27 inch model. It has 144 Hz refresh rate, which is considered the best for editing any video footage. These slow motion golf swing videos are easily available over the internet. Try to observe every single detailing and adapt it to your own style.

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